Has life been hectic and you feel the need for a spa day?  Do you have an ailment that needs to be addressed?  Whether you are looking for relaxation or rehabilitation, the services provided at our local spas may be just what you need. 

Honu You

In traditional Hawaiian and Samoan culture, a massage was more than just an enjoyable sojourn and a stress reliever.

The ancient custom of lomi lomi massage is still practiced today. Rooted in huna (a Hawaiian philosophy centered on achieving harmony in mind, body, and spirit,) lomi lomi massage aims to promote relaxation, improve circulation, address physical ailments, and provide spiritual benefits, including the relief of negative emotions.

With this lovely custom originating in the Hawaiian islands, it’s not surprising that there are spas on the Windward side that offer lomi lomi. Whether you are looking for a lomi lomi massage, a traditional massage, or another spa service, the Windward side has quite a few choices. Here are two choices in Kailua:


Honu You Hawaiian Spa

Honu You, which opened 15 years ago in December, offers lomi lomi massages, waxing and facials and carries professional skincare lines including Eminence, Jan Marini, Epicuren and Jan Iredale cosmetics.

Honu You owner, Jennifer Mehau, takes a holistic approach to each client, and they appreciate the individualized attention.

“When people make an appointment, we always do a thorough consultation, taking into account any medication, topical applications and any other treatments,” says Mehau, who is a trained aesthetician and massage therapist. “It always ends up being a discussion about a client’s overall health.”

“I want to meet your needs and what you’re looking for,” she adds.

Mehau’s newest treatment is a Sauna/Facia Blaster Treatment. A facia blaster is a medical device that is designed to release facia adhesions. Facia is a band of connective tissue, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. Warming up in the sauna beforehand helps renders the device more effective for maximum benefits, she says.




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Lomilomi Hana Lima Kailua Spa and Boutique

Lomilomi Hana Lima’s goal is to “provide a bridge between the Hawaiian elders’ voices of wisdom and those who want to benefit from the beliefs that lead to self-empowerment in order to raise their consciousness and return to their daily lives awakened, strengthened and refreshed.”

It’s menu of massages include classic lomilomi and specialty massages including an Aromatherapy Experience Lomilomi, Deep Tissue Lomilomi, Hapai (prenatal) Lomilomi, Ola tropical Lomilomi, and a facelift lomilomi. It also provides body scrubs, a variety of facials, waxing and eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

Clients are treated to fresh orchid adorned rooms and offered Hawaiian tea, adding to the restful and pampering experience.  Owner Eri Mehealani Sakai-Virden uses her listening skills to tap into her intuition and compassion.  



Photos: Bamboo ceilings & warm light add to the restful atmosphere at Honu You. Honu You carries professional skincare lines including Eminence.