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Off-Leash Dog Parks and Dog-friendly Beaches

Oahu has six off-leash dog parks to take your four-legged friends for play dates and some exercise.  This allows you to choose by location and amenities, such as nearby recreation facilities for humans and separate areas for large and small dogs. There are also dozens of dog-friendly beaches.

Whether you are on the beach or at a dog park, be sure to follow doggie etiquette and safety rules!  

·        Take your dog home at the first sign of unfriendly behavior

·         Be sure to provide plenty of water for your doggie

·        Closely supervise your dog

·        Your dog should be vaccinated and healthy before you bring him/her to a beach or doggie park

·        When at the beach, swimming is great exercise for your dog, but don’t let them overdo it!

·        Be careful as dogs can get heat stroke, too.

And of course, bring plenty of bags and CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!  (I always tie a few right on the leash.)



Moanalua Dog Park

The Moanalua Dog Park has easy parking and is centrally located near tennis and basketball courts, so your whole family can play. The thoughtful set-up includes a clean water bowl, communal poop bags (bring some to donate) and a small patch of fenced in forest for running. Wood chips help control the ground moisture although it can still get muddy when the weather’s been wet. And, flies can be a problem; however, management has placed fly traps on trees around the park in an effort to control the problem.

There is also plentiful shade and places to sit. The park management asks that you NOT bring any human food to distract the doggies. The Moanalua Dog Park is open daily during daylight hours except Tuesday mornings when it is closed for maintenance.

2900 Moanalua Road in Honolulu


Hawaii Kai Dog Park

The Hawaii Kai Dog Park has separate areas for large (over 18 pounds) and small (under 18 pounds) dogs, ample parking, water fountains, lots of healthy green grass and donated poop bags.

220 Keahole Street in Honolulu


Mililani Dog Park

Mililani Dog Park is open during daylight hours every day (except Wed. morning when it’s closed for maintenance). There is a hose with fresh water, trees, benches and plenty of parking. There are no separate areas for small and large dogs here. There are many dirt patches so be prepared for a dirty (but, oh so happy) doggie at the end of the play day.

94-245 Kaloapau Street in Mililani


A’ala Dog Park

A’ala Dog Park, which features separate areas for small and large dogs, is open the same hours as the surrounding A’ala Park, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

280 N. King Street in Honolulu


Ala Wai Dog Park

Ala Wai Dog Park is located near Ala Wai Elementary School. It is open during daylight hours every day. The Ala Wai Dog Park is divided into two areas: one for small dogs and the other for big dogs.

The park, which opened about five years ago, is the result of a public-private partnership between the City and the Ala Wai K-9 Playground Association.

2444 Hihiwai Street in Honolulu



Oahu has dozens of beaches to choose from when it comes to sandy playgrounds for your dog. Here is a small sampling of some favorites.

Kahala Beach

“I love coming here because it’s practically a dog park on the beach – there are calm waves and plenty of dogs throughout the day for my pup to play with,” said Teresa Daniels of Kaimuki.

4999 Kahala avenue in Honolulu


Kaiwi Shoreline Trail to Alan Davis Beach

“I enjoy this beach because it’s a mild hike down to it, and therefore doesn’t always get as busy,” said Lori Davis, who lives on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickham. “It also has a nice protected area for dogs to run and swim. It has the feeling of being a little more secluded than some of the other public beaches on the island.”

Access via a detour from Makapuu Lighthouse Trail in Waimanalo


Kalama Beach Park

This is my personal favorite and closest to home! There are always plenty of friendly dogs, calm waters, and a shower if you need to give your doggie a quick rinse before he gets in the car. Early morning is the best time to go if you want your dog to have his best chance to socialize with other canines.

248 N. Kalaheo Avenue

Photo: Dogs take a water break after a joyful romp at Hawaii Kai Dog Park. Photo courtesy of Tommy Halmos.