Have you ever walked into someone's home or looked around your own home and said that art does not necessarily fit in that space. Sometimes you will walk in and there will be a little tiny piece of art on a gigantic wall. Well, what are some guides that will help you hang art in your home or if you are staging a property to make it more sellable.

First, you need to gather some basic tools. You are going to need a tape measure.  Next you need some sort of nail or hook. I like little wall hooks over a regular nail because they help catch the back of the frame or the teeth on the back of a frame. You will need a hammer and then you possibly 3M strips type for posters or for hanging art. 

Next, you will need to measure the wall. I try to center the furniture on the wall and then I am attempt to center the art above the furniture.  When you are hanging art above furniture you want to use the thumb rule of about 12 inches above the piece of furniture.  It does matter if the furniture is a buffet or a dresser or a TV stand.  Your goal is to center your art about 12 inches above your furniture.  The other fraction to think about is 2/3. You want to fill up about 2/3 of the space on your wall. If you do not have one large piece or two medium sized pieces you can also create a gallery wall with a lot of individual pieces. 

One tip I have if you live in a home that tends to have high humidity or salt air is not to use these 3M velcro strips because the sticky tape on the back will fail due to the salt and humidity and you will hear a crash in the middle of the night. I have made that mistake myself and want to pass along that tip. The 3M strips are great in some circumstances but again if you have high humidity you do not necessarily want to use these strips.

If you have any questions about hanging out feel free to call me or a friend who is really artsy or a stager and they can help you with your proportion on your walls.